“Everyone here brings the values to work, every day. Our behaviours are the way we do it.”

Our values, behaviours & capabilities

Our values and behaviours are really what make us different as a retailer - and an enjoyable, exciting place to work.

Everyone here brings the values to work, every day. Our behaviours are the way we do it.

If you share our values and behaviours, you won’t just fit in here, you’ll love every minute.

Our values


Our Behaviours

Yes we put pets first. But it’s how we do that that’s most important: we support our colleagues to work with pride and passion, to bring honesty and integrity to work every day, and to do it all with a sense of fun and fearlessness. We never shy away from having the important conversations and doing what we say we’ll do.

So our behaviours are more than what we do: they make us who we are.

  • Be respectful.
    • Always present in conversations; actively listens
    • You seek to understand first by asking open questions and remain objective
    • You know and understand your people and flex your style accordingly
    • You are genuine and inclusive of others
    • You involve others and strive to work cross-functionally
  • Be courageous.
    • You face difficult situations
    • You are willing to have important conversations
    • You are a considered risk-taker
    • You are resilient
    • You are open to challenge and feedback and prepared to change
  • Be honest.
    • You do what you say you’ll do
    • You are realistic and upfront
    • You can be trusted and are confidential
    • You demonstrate integrity
    • You acknowledge your mistakes and take responsibility
  • Be inspiring.
    • You role model our values and are consistent in tone and communication
    • You demonstrate a sense of passion, enjoyment and pride in your work
    • You are forward thinking and progressive, always learning and applying
    • You showcase your knowledge and expertise to delight our customers and clients
    • You consistently deliver incredible service
    • You are focused on the end result and committed to delivering this in a collaborative way with pace
  • Be supportive.
    • You make yourself available
    • You are considerate; you care
    • You show real empathy and genuine interest
    • You are engaging
    • You are known for spotting and recognising great things in others


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