“Pets embrace our differences. Whatever our background, whatever we look like, who we fancy or how we choose to express ourselves.”

Diversity & Inclusion

Pets just see people

And just like pets, whatever your background or heritage, how you look or choose to express yourself, we will welcome you. Whether you’re visiting our stores or applying for one of our jobs, our inclusion vision is that everyone’s welcome. We strive to break down barriers, attract and develop diverse talent and create a culture that allows everyone to the best they can be whatever their race or ethnic background, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, age, marital status or religious beliefs. At Pets at Home, you’ll feel welcome, supported, and can realise your full potential.

  • Get ready to network

    We’re proud to be an inclusive employer. But we know there’s always more we can do. That’s one of the reasons why we’ve established a CEO-led diversity and inclusion leadership forum and launched four new colleague networks to support and empower our people. Each network focuses on supporting the representation and inclusion of colleagues with a different characteristic. Gender, race/ethnicity, Identity, supporting colleagues from the LGBTQ+ community, and  VOICES, our network to support colleagues who are touched by disability or have caring responsibilities. 

    All our networks are open to everyone. So, colleagues can join if they identify with the community or as an ally. Our members take part in various activities – from story-telling and lunch and learn sessions to influencing and shaping our colleague diversity commitments and policies, for example, encouraging colleagues to share their pronouns 

  • Your voice matters

    Our people have different backgrounds, beliefs, lifestyles, interests, personalities and working styles, and that’s how we like it. The different perspectives our colleagues bring with them help to drive our innovation, fuel our creativity, and ensure that we can connect with our local communities. This helps us to do the right thing and make a difference to society. We regularly host in-store fundraising events to support different local charities too.

    In every role at every level, our people are encouraged to share their ideas and voice their opinions – to play their part in creating new solutions that our customers will love. What unites all of us is our shared passion for pets (some of us are pet owners; some of us aren’t) and our drive to make this the best pet care business in the world.

Diversity in action

We’re proud to have been ranked 5th of all the UK retailers listed in the FT’s Diversity Leaders survey 2021, and to work with the following organisations:

Inspiring Stories

We regularly invite inspiring speakers to talk about a wide range of subjects at our ‘Inspiring Stories’. These events are available virtually to all our colleagues – either live or as a recording. Boxer Stacey Copeland, broadcaster Clare Balding, and Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones (The Black Farmer) are among our most recent guest speakers.

Everyone’s welcome

This is a place where you really can be yourself – whatever that looks like. Here’s what some of our colleagues had to say about who they are in work and outside of it, and what diversity means to them.

What does diversity mean to you? 3 Words