What’s the best thing about working here?

The training that is involved in becoming a stylist, as it so closely compares to the City & Guilds programme, it offers more varied training when it comes to grooming compared with other places. You also get a lot of handling with dogs of different natures which is very beneficial.

Describe the culture

The teams inside Pets at Home are very welcoming and friendly. You are taught and trained with patience and fun to make it more enjoyable.

What do you get up to on a typical day/week?

It is non-stop. If you are not grooming, you are speaking to clients, cleaning, sorting equipment, taking bookings, answering the phone or recommending products. We typically groom around 10+ dogs a day, this can double on a weekend. 

Tell us about the learning and development?

You can potentially become a stylist within less than 12 months, however it usually takes around that long to learn the majority of techniques. You start with prep, which is usually bathing, clip it – showing and snip it – full grooming. My development has lead me to want to progress into competition grooming.

What opportunities are there for career progression?

There are constant opportunities for positions in grooming all over Pets at Home and in grooming. Often after becoming a stylist, with aspirations and hard work you can quickly work your way up to becoming a manager.

Tell us about the rewards and benefits?

The job is rewarding when you see a customer so elated at the groom their pet is leaving with, that really puts a smile on your face, and makes the job worthwhile.

How does Pets at Home give back to the community?

They raise a lot of money in the way of charity funds and helping the local community.

Describe working here in one word