The Groom Room

Treats & Benefits

At Pets at Home, it’s our belief that if people work hard then they should get the rewards for that and so we offer a competitive salary and benefits package to make sure that all of our Colleagues are rewarded for all their hard work.

Our benefits package is under constant review to make sure that we continue to be a Great Place to Work and reward our people for all their hard work in the best ways possible. Here are the main things that you’ll be able to enjoy with us!

Competitive Rates of Pay

We offer competitive rates of pay for all of our Colleagues and we constantly review this to make sure that we keep up with any changes in the market and to ensure that we’re rewarding all of our people for their hard work in the best ways possible.


Incentive schemes

Working in one of our Groom Rooms, you will be given the challenge of hitting a number of targets throughout the year and if the salon achieves these targets then it receives a cash lump sum, which is distributed amongst the whole team for everyone to enjoy.
Whether you’re heading to toast yourself in the sun, or soak up some rain at home, holidays are good for body and soul.

In a full year, as a full-time colleague you will be entitled to 28 days paid annual leave (this includes bank holidays), and rises to 33 days once you have two years’ service with us.


Happy Birthday!

Don’t like working on your birthday? Neither do we, and so you will get an extra day off to celebrate instead. This is in addition to your standard holiday entitlement.


Pets Pensions

You’ll have the opportunity to be in the Pets Pension and if you join us as a salaried Colleague then we’ll make contributions into your pension pot as well. Once auto-enrolment has been introduced then we’ll also make contributions into your pension pot if you’re an hourly paid Colleague.


Colleague discount

We know that 92% of all our colleagues own pets and therefore we reckon that this is a great benefit! For all of your store purchases at Pets at Home, you receive a 20% discount. This discount also applies in our Groom Rooms, Companion Care Veterinary Services and Pets at Home pet insurance! We’ll also give your partner or a member of your family discount as well so that they can benefit from a discount in our stores too.

u162Save As You Earn

Our Sharesave plan is an easy and low-risk way to share in the success of Pets at Home as it develops over the coming years. It allows you to save each pay day out of your post-tax salary and after 3 years you can buy Pets at Home shares at a discounted price set at the start of the plan. If the share price has gone up then you keep the profit, if the share price goes down you get your money back. You’ll be eligible to join the scheme once you’ve been employed by us for a year at the time of issue.

u162Free uniform

We provide free uniform to all of our Colleagues so you don’t need to even think about what to wear for work!

Life assurance

No one likes to think of the worst happening but it may be comforting to know that, if you were to die during the time that you work with us, your named dependants will receive four times your annual salary (tax free). This applies to everyone within our business, regardless of age, working hours or length of service.


Personal health insurance

Salaried colleagues with 1 years’ service or more are automatically included in the company’s Personal Health Insurance (PHI) scheme. PHI offers you and your family some reassurance in the event of long-term illness or disability.


We offer a range of offers and discounts which are available exclusively to Pets at Home colleagues. You can take advantage of special discounts on a wide range of holidays, leisure attractions and many more products and services.


Charity Day Leave

This exciting benefit means that you are entitled to have one paid day’s leave each year to work for your favourite animal related charity.


Getting hitched?

We like to celebrate in style and a wedding or civil partnership is good reason to celebrate so we give all of our colleagues wedding leave. It’s simple, if you’re tying the knot, we’ll give you an extra week’s holiday that year towards your honeymoon and to top it off, you’ll also receive a wedding gift from us!

u162Hello, baby

Expecting or adopting a baby? We mark this happy event by giving you a gift.


First day at school leave

A child’s first day at primary school is a special day for the whole family. At Pets at Home we offer colleagues ½ day leave at full pay to enable them to take a picture of their son or daughter in their smart new uniform and to either take or pick up their new school joiner on their first day at school.


We know that Groom Room colleagues sometimes like to purchase their own scissors, bags, brushes, etc. and this fantastic benefit allows you to order these items up to the value of £250 through the ‘Groomers’ catalogue and pay this back over 3 – 6 months through your salary. It gets even better as you’ll receive a fantastic discount on standard prices.

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