Working in Technology

At Pets at Home Group our technology will support us in our vision to become the best pet care business in the world. Our aim is to develop a fully personalised, seamless customer experience through our leading-edge pet care ecosystem that supports pets and their owners to live happier lives together.

In technology we’re an integral part of creating a truly holistic pet care service - from product information to pet care advice, subscriptions and visits to our local vet practices. Join us, and you’ll help provide customers with everything they need to be the best pet owner they can be, at every stage of their pet’s life.

These are brand-new projects that aren’t part of any legacy technologies. We’re giving you the chance to help define our systems from scratch. You’ll see your efforts rolled out across our diverse portfolio of 400+ stores and 460 vet practices, specialist referral hospitals and our distribution centres around the UK. The ambition, scale and variety of our work sets us apart from other retailers, and we’re backed by unprecedented investment in our capabilities.

In short, we’ve got big plans for the future of pet care. If you’re a talented developer, architect, business analyst or project manager, we’ll encourage you to hit the ground running and really shine.