“We’re pet people. But we’re also innovators and we care about getting better, every day.”

Working in the Pet team

Our Pet team live and breathe pets, providing trusted, expert advice on our exotic store pets to our colleagues and vets.

With lots of knowledge and considerable experience, they are up-to-date with the latest treatments and thinking in everything relating to exotic pets and their medicine. That means teams across our business, from colleagues in store to those in marketing, customer service, buying and technical, can rely on them for help with everything from approving new products to putting together and proofreading customer information.

That includes writing care sheets, doing radio interviews, taking part in governmental meetings about legislation, advising a new reptile rescue centre how to set up or talking to the audiences at a trade show. It’s an exciting and fun role at the heart of a pets-first business.

Our Pets team includes veterinary nurses and veterinary nurse advisors, as well as:

Veterinary Care Advisor

Monitoring our vet bills and ensuring vet practices apply discounts, our veterinary care advisors authorise certain treatments and surgeries to make sure pets receive the most appropriate care.

If you’re level headed, practical and can confidently tackle sometimes difficult situations, you’ll fit right in.

Pet & Reptile Operations Manager

Our Pet & Reptile Operations Managers take care of everything pet-related. From the legislation concerning selling pets, to how we must look after them, to what type of wood is safe for a hamster chew toy, to developing a testing regime for dog toys - they can help.

Every day, they liaise with every department that needs in-depth, accurate and verifiable pet knowledge, including customer service, quality control and business systems. They also manage the reptile supply for stores, managing relationships and negotiating too.

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