“Every day we smile and say: only at Pets!”

Working in Charity

Charity begins at Pets at Home, where we’re the No.1 financial supporter of pet rehoming centres across the UK, raising £4.4 million at last count.

An independent charity established by Pets at Home in 2006, Support Adoption for Pets offers unique fundraising and support schemes. Our primary focus is on raising more money through fundraising and giving more money to animal rehoming charities.

That might be by awarding a grant to an animal charity, ensuring the money is properly used and criteria fulfilled. Recent projects include paying for vets bills and funding a reptile rehabilitation centre – in this case Britain’s first with funding of £98,000.

Opportunities here include those in fundraising, co-ordinating grants or carrying out supporting administration.

All are dynamic, rewarding roles for people who are passionate about pets, self-motivated and want to make a difference.

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