“I’m learning all the time, building my skills and my career.”

Learning and development

We believe that everyone can be an expert

Providing a great grooming experience for a beloved pet is a big responsibility – which is why we offer unrivalled access to training. Whatever your level of experience, you’ll complete a 6-month training programme and gain the knowledge and skills you need to become a dog grooming stylist.

The programme has three stages:

Prep it 

For the first six weeks, you’ll learn the general role and get up to speed on the essentials: bathing, drying, clipping nails and overall preparation and handling of dogs. We’ll teach you about our equipment, different dog breeds and coat types, and animal and colleague welfare. We also run in-house training courses like canine first aid and dog behaviour. You’ll keep a portfolio of your grooming work so you can show off everything you learn.

Clip it

Soon, you’ll build on and hone your skills in areas such as scissor techniques and head styling. You’ll continue putting your portfolio together, and gain a more in-depth understanding of grooming.

Snip it

Next, you’ll focus on the different breeds we work with and their specific grooming needs and styles. You’ll also learn how to handle and groom puppies safely and with compassion. You can then share your knowledge with owners and teach them how to maintain their own dogs’ coats in between grooms. At the end of this stage, you’ll be a qualified stylist!

But training won’t end there. You can access a wealth of learning, including Continuous Professional Development in specialist skills such as hand stripping, and you can access online training whenever you like. If you’d like to showcase your skills and share ideas, we have a varied network of expertise throughout our salons. Of course, we’ll always encourage you to enter our internal grooming competitions.

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