Our Culture

It’s not just what we do – it’s how we do it!

It’s our culture which makes us special and so very different to many other businesses and this culture is of course created by our people. Every single person plays their part, at the heart of it, and helps to make it so incredibly unique.

Our culture is all about putting pets before profit, working hard and pulling together as a team to achieve our goals. It’s about looking after pets as well as people and giving our all – all the time. We certainly know how to have fun and not take ourselves too seriously however the business wouldn’t be as successful as it is today if it wasn’t hard work and graft at the same time!

sunday-timesEveryone at Pets at Home is driven by the desire to make this an amazing business and a great place to work and this is why we’re extremely proud to have been named as the Sunday Times No 1 Best Big Company to Work For in 2013. In terms of bringing our culture to life, this really is just the tip of the iceberg and here’s an idea of what else we’ve been up to recently…

Playing hard…

What have you missed out on? Here’s an idea of what we’ve been up to recently…

Flipping Marvellous!

This Shrove Tuesday everyone at our Support Office enjoyed some fabulous pancakes with a choice of delicious toppings. We even had a pancake tossing competition to see who could flip the fastest in 30 seconds.

‘Crufts in the car park!’


This year, to coincide with Crufts, we had our very own ‘Crufts in the car park’ for our Support Office colleagues’ canine friends! Harvey won the ‘Best biscuit catcher’ event – catching 3 out of the 5 treats thrown to him by his owner. Those of us without a dog went along to watch all of the fun!

Our Annual Retail Conference


Every April, we invite 500 Store Managers, Distribution Managers and Support Office Senior Managers to our Annual Retail Conference. It’s a full day of business updates, future plans and sessions on topics such as innovation, grooming, engagement and pets. It’s followed by a full evening of eating, drinking and entertainment. Each conference has a theme which is reflected in the invites, the dress code and the presentation content, with previous themes including Pirates, the Olympics, Heroes and The Circus!

The conference is lots of fun and a great opportunity for people from across the business to meet each other and strengthen their relationships.

Go Team Pets!

BUPA Manchester 10k run

bupa10k200 runners from all areas of our business are taking part in the Business Challenge (of which we were the biggest team in 2014!) at the BUPA Manchester 10k. We’ll be raising money for our Support Adoption for Pets charity and trying to beat the whopping £30,000 we raised last year! Those who aren’t racing will be cheering everyone on and when the race is over we’re all heading out for cocktails…!

‘Party in the car park’

PartyThe legendary Support Office ‘Party in the car park’ is happening in June! Last year, we struck lucky as it was a scorcher and the perfect setting for our BBQ, live music performances, karaoke and fun, photo booth action!

Celebrating Wimbledon with ‘strawberries & cream’!

Celebrating WimbledonWe always like to get into the spirit of Wimbledon in July and so we’re all looking forward to ‘strawberries & cream’ at the Support Office… a yummy treat for us all!

We work hard too…!

And here’s a snapshot of some of our achievements…

    • We were named as the Sunday Times’ No. 1 Best Big Company to work for in 2013.
    • We’re planning to open 20 brand new stores this year.
    • We launched our fabulous new career site this year!
    • Over 62,000 pets were rehomed through our in-store adoption centres over the last 12 months.
    • We’re planning to open 50 brand new incredible Groom Rooms this year.
    • We held over 500 in-house training courses over the last 12 months.
    • We have over 3 million VIP members in our loyalty scheme, and have donated over £2 million to animal-related charities through this scheme alone.
    • Our fleet of delivery drivers travel an average of 92,000 kilometres a week, which is the equivalent of going around the Equator of the earth 2.3 times!
    • We have groomed 300,000 dogs this year.
    • Over 500 of our amazing colleagues were promoted over the last 12 months.

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